Poel Secures Win at Merritt

Jacob Poel Merritt

Jacob Poel Secures First Feature Win at Merritt Speedway

LAKE CITY, MI — July 13, 2017 — Jacob Poel finished first at Merritt Speedway to gain his first Summit Modified Nationals feature win in 2017. Poel trailed only Nick Hoffman, but was finally able to pass him for the lead. Though Hoffman once held the lead, he would end up placing fourteenth overall. Behind Poel, David Mielke placed second and Chad Bauer placed third. 

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Hoffman Scores at Hartford

Nick Hoffman Hartford

Nick Hoffman Walks Away from Hartford with Another Feature Win

HARTFORD, MI — July 11, 2017 — Nick Hoffman obtains another big win in the 2017 Summit Modified Nationals season at Hartford Speedway in Michigan. Hoffman began the race in the lead position and finished comfortably ahead of Kenny Wallace at second and Zeke McKenzie at third. 

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Wallace Takes Kickapoo

Kenny Wallace Kickapoo

Kenny Wallace Records First 2017 Feature Victory at Kickapoo Motor Speedway

DANVILLE, IL — July 9, 2017 — Kenny Wallace finished first after an eventful race at Kickapoo Motor Speedway. Never too far behind the leader, he was able to gain the lead after the top 3 cars wrecked at the beginning of the first straightaway. After this bit of luck, he was able to maintain his lead and secured his first feature win of the season. Jamie Lomax finsihed second and Logan Moody finished third to round out the podium.

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Harrison Grabs Win at Highland

Mike Harrison Highland

Mike Harrison Visits Victory Lane Again at Highland Speedway

HIGHLAND, IL — July 8, 2017 — Mike Harrison cruised to another victory at Highland Speedway. This is his fifth feature win of the season, which matches Nick Hoffman. Hoffman finished second in this race and was trailed by Phil Dixon to complete the top three.

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Brooks Wins at Farmer City

Steven Brooks Farmer City

Steven Brooks Grabs His First Feature Win of 2017 at Farmer City

FARMER CITY, IL — July 7, 2017 — Steven Brooks was able to win his first feature of the year at Farmer City Speedway. Brooks and Kenny Wallace fought for the lead with Nick Hoffman close behind, but Brooks ultimately pulled ahead to earn his trip to victory lane. He was followed into the finish line by Kenny Wallace and then Nick Hoffman.

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